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CoverBook TitleAuthorReviewer
 The AbductionJames Grippandohappyruby
 BoneyardMichelle Gagnonhappyruby
 The Eye of the Leopard: A NovelHenning Mankellhappyruby
 Hell HoleChris Grabensteinhappyruby
 Deadly ErrorsAllen Wylerhappyruby
 My Devilish ScotsmanJen HollingHighland Lassies Reviews
 The Olive HorseshoeBen F. Smallhappyruby
 Poems From DaNangVincent W. Carrollcrystalsreviews
 Witch in the HouseJenna Mcknightterra57
 Seduction Is ForeverJenna Petersenbookmaedin
 Sylvia: A Memoir Of Hollywood Star Sylvia SidneySally Millercrystalsreviews
 Whispering to WitchesAnna Daleterra57
 TwistedAndrea KaneBreeni Books
 AmberlightSylvia KelsoBreeni Books
 Coinage of CommitmentR. Costelloeterra57
 Blind RageTerri Personshappyruby
 Old School BonesRandall Pefferhappyruby
 Death Was the Other Woman: A MysteryLinda L. Richardshappyruby
 Happy Hour at Casa DraculaMarta Acostacrystalsreviews
 Marked: A House of Night NovelP. C. Castterra57

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