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CoverBook TitleAuthorReviewer
 Dead FallPatricia H. RushfordLinda Ellen
 Phantom in the NightSherrilyn KenyonLinda Ellen
 Phantom in the NightSherrilyn KenyonLinda Ellen
 The OverlookMichael ConnellyLinda Ellen
 The Dark-Hunter CompanionSherrilyn KenyonLinda Ellen
 Higher Power of LuckySusan PatronLinda Ellen
 When Darkness FallsJames GrippandoLinda Ellen
 The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert WorldMarti Olsen LaneyLinda Ellen
 Paper TownsJohn Greenleaf WhittierLinda Ellen
 Eye of the BeholderIngrid WeaverLinda Ellen
 Obama's BlackBerryKasper HauserLinda Ellen
 Hannibal's Elephant GirlAriion Kathleen BrindleyLinda Ellen
 Marked By PassionKate PerryFallingOffTheShelf
 A Better View of Paradise: A NovelRandy Sue CoburnFallingOffTheShelf
 Dead Write: A Forensic Handwriting MysterySheila Lowehappyruby
 Vengeance RoadRick Mofinahappyruby
 Laced with MagicBarbara BrettonFallingOffTheShelf
 Dragon HouseJohn ShorsLinda Ellen
 Bleak HistoryJohn ShirleyFallingOffTheShelf
 My Forbidden DesireCarolyn JewelLinda Ellen

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