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CoverBook TitleAuthorReviewer
 Tommy Gun TangoBrant Randallhappyruby
 Double ExposureMichael Listerhappyruby
 Down in the FloodKenneth Abelhappyruby
 Queene of LightJennifer ArmintroutFallingOffTheShelf
 DutchTeri WoodsFallingOffTheShelf
 Chrysalis - The Awakening: Book 1M. L. Lacyjennifer ochs/nybookcafe
 The Amanda Project: Book 1: invisible IMelissa KantorFallingOffTheShelf
 31 HoursMasha HamiltonFallingOffTheShelf
 Beneath the BleedingVal McDermidhappyruby
 EyeLeash: A Blog NovelJessica Scott KerrinFallingOffTheShelf
 A Change in AltitudeAnita Shrevejennifer ochs/nybookcafe
 DutchTeri Woodshappyruby
 A Change in AltitudeAnita Shrevehappyruby
 Chrysalis - The Awakening: Book 1M. L. LacyFallingOffTheShelf
 LucanSusan KearneyFallingOffTheShelf
 Baby Shark's Jugglers at the BorderRobert Fatehappyruby
 The Last SongNicholas Sparksjennifer ochs/nybookcafe
 The Tear CollectorPatrick JonesLinda Ellen
 The Last SongNicholas SparksFallingOffTheShelf
 Tuesdays with MorrieMitch AlbomLinda Ellen

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