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Bad Weeds Never Die by Christopher Valen Reviewed By happyruby

“Santana is destined to become one of my favorite detectives,” is a quote from my review of White Tombs the book that introduced Detective John Santana. The Black Minute, the second Santana book, was even more exciting than the first book. Now author, Christopher Valen, has brought Detective John Santana back in Bad Weeds Never Die. “Bad weeds never die,” is an old Columbian saying and turns out to be an excellent title for this book.

John Santana was born in Columbia. He had avenged his Mother’s death and he was forced to flee leaving behind his younger sister Natalia. Santana hopes someday to locate her. He knows that his sister could be dead but his dreams and his senses tell him that she is still alive.

Santana’s current case is the death of Teresa Blackwood. Teresa’s vehicle is found in a parking lot. The car is full of blood and some dirt and an orchid are on the floorboard of the car. Although the vehicle was empty, the police felt that someone had died in that car and that the body had been moved. When Santana and his partner Kacie Hawkins call on Jonathan Blackwood, Teresa’s father, they discover that Teresa has a twin sister, Maria. Blackwood tells the detectives that although the twins are identical their personalities are very different. Teresa is head of an adoption agency. Maria is a part time musician and mystery writer with a history of some drug problems. The twins were adopted by the Blackwood’s when they six months old. The twins were adopted in Columbia.

As Santana delves deeper into the case, he finds suspects at every turn. Teresa lived with Steven Larson, a man who was cheating on her. Blackwood’s family attorney was having an affair with the other daughter, Maria. To make things even more tedious in the investigation Rita Gamboni, Santana’s boss, admitted that she was dated Jonathan Blackwood.

When the case becomes more complicated Santana decides that he has no choice but to travel to Columbia and investigate the agency that was working with Teresa’s adoption agency in the states. No one wants Santana to make this trip since he has enemies in Columbia that would like to see him dead.

Santana feels that in order to solve his current case as well as face his demons and hopefully find his sister he must make the trip. The trip does prove to be a dangerous move and readers will be shocked at the facts that Santana discovers in Columbia.

The case is finally solved but there are no end of surprises and no way to predict the final outcome. An excellent book that will keep the reader on edge until the last page. It is not necessary to read the first two books in the series to enjoy the current book.

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About happyruby

HappyRuby is a combination of the names of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that I owned - Happy Talk and Karri's Ruby, both deceased now but I do have a dog and cat. I live in the Midwest so enjoy a change of seasons. I am an office manager for two plants that process pet food ingredients. I worked a number of years as an office manager for a law office. I only work part-time now which gives me more time to read. My daughter lives in W. VA and is a huge fan of mystery - the darker the better. My other daughter is into reading romance and my granddaughter loves fantasy. I very much enjoy reading mystery, hard-boiled or cozy.
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