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Long Gone by Alafair Burke Reviewed By happyruby

Alice Humphrey’s chance meeting with Drew Campbell at first glance appears to be a lucky break. Alice is unemployed and Drew Campbell offers her a chance to run a gallery and be her own boss. Alice’s father is a famous Hollywood producer and Alice had starred in some roles as a child star. Alice harbors some bad feelings towards her father and this opportunity to do something exciting on her own without any help from her family is just too good to pass up.

Alice took Drew up on his offer and opened the Highline Gallery. Drew’s story was that his client was willing to finance the gallery with the provision that Hans Schuler, an artist his client had an interest in, would have a private showing at the gallery. Schuler’s art was anything but normal but Alice felt that she would be able to pick the art shown at the gallery once she got Schuler’s show out of the way. Schuler’s art did sell but it was more from on line orders that walk in customers. The artist had a gimmick of sending a jump drive of his art with each purchase. Alice’s friend Lily at first thought Drew Campbell was just blowing smoke and would never rent the space for the gallery but later encouraged Alice to accept the position. Alice had just gotten the opening over with when suddenly the Highline Gallery is being picketed by a fanatic church organization. The church declared that the art displayed in the gallery was actually child pornography.

Alice’s attempts to contact Drew Campbell or his investor were unsuccessful. Drew finally called Alice to meet him early in the morning at the gallery. Alice arrived at the gallery to find the door unlocked, the gallery empty and a dead body on the floor.

Alice is interviewed by the police and she feels that the police aren’t buying her story. To make matters worse when the police search the gallery premises they find the fingerprint of a young girl who has been reported missing by her mother.

As well as Alice’s story, Long Gone covers one police officer’s diligent search for the missing girl whose fingerprint is found in the gallery. An FBI agent discovers that he has a direct connection to the man who Alice knows as Drew Campbell. He feels Drew Campbell was responsible for the death of his sister. The police in charge of the murder investigation where Alice is a suspect feel they have found the guilty party and do not really want to investigate other options. Meanwhile Alice is frantic in her attempts to prove herself innocent.

This book is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the author brings the pieces together in a way that makes the reader want to turn the pages faster and faster to see where the next piece will fit.

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About happyruby

HappyRuby is a combination of the names of two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that I owned - Happy Talk and Karri's Ruby, both deceased now but I do have a dog and cat. I live in the Midwest so enjoy a change of seasons. I am an office manager for two plants that process pet food ingredients. I worked a number of years as an office manager for a law office. I only work part-time now which gives me more time to read. My daughter lives in W. VA and is a huge fan of mystery - the darker the better. My other daughter is into reading romance and my granddaughter loves fantasy. I very much enjoy reading mystery, hard-boiled or cozy.
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