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TEXTTOP RIGHT40.00288.00480.00
TEXTSUPPORT IBOOKDB150.00 175.001,080.00 1,260.001,800.00 2,100.00
IMAGETOP RIGHT90.00648.001,080.00
IMAGEBOTTOM20.00 25.00144.00 180.00240.00 300.00
VIDEOTOP RIGHT100.00720.001,200.00
CUSTOMFRONT PAGE PROMO500.00 600.003,600.00 4,320.006,000.00 7,200.00

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  • All ads are rotated randomly. Text ad placement is also rotated randomly. So sometimes your ad will be the first one, sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the bottom. Depending on the number of advertisers, your ad might not show every time.
  • For monthly payments, ad changes are allowed only once a month.
  • For annual and two year ads, two changes per year.
  • The custom Front Page Promos are where we add custom banners, images, backgrounds etc. to match your book promotion. For Annual and Two year, the promoted book must be different each month.
  • The custom Book and Author Page Promos are where we add custom banners, images, backgrounds etc. to an author/book page and they remain forever.
  • Support iBookDB ads are only on the main iBookDB page.
  • Paypal Payments only. For monthly ads, payment is by Paypal subscription.
  • Email [email protected] to get setup. If setup takes more than 5 business days because of delays on our end, we'll give you a free month of advertising!


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