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Julie Linker Intervewed By Book Chic

1) How do you handle bad reviews?
What bad reviews? Do you know something I don’t?

2) What are your criteria for finding book bloggers to send a review copy to?
Er . . . if they seem cool? And/or nice-funny-witty-smart-creative or some other quality that strikes me? I’m also easily swayed by pretty graphics and pictures (because I’m shallow like that). I don’t really have any strict criteria, just whoever or whatever site I happen to like. The only constant is that they have to be professional.

3.) How did you find my blog, as well as others you frequent?
I’ve discovered pretty much all the blogs I frequent by drifting around from one site to the next, following different links. And I’m proud to say that Book Chic is the very first book blog I stumbled across (via the adorable Stephanie Hale) way back in 2007!! DISENCHANTED PRINCESS had just come out and I was totally clueless about everything. Marketing, promotion, social networking—I actually had to hire someone to set up my myspace account and do the graphics because I couldn’t figure it out (and I’m not even that old. Really. I swear.). I remember being so in awe of Stephanie because she had all these friends and cool pics on her myspace and was even hosting contests. It was like this big, awesome party you could visit in your pajamas. That was the moment when I first really comprehended the concept of social networking. Up until that point I thought the internet was just for checking e-mail and buying cute clothes I couldn’t get here in Arkansas.

And when I saw Book Chic—WOW. Not to sound too cheesy, but finding Book Chic was like finding the door to an entirely new world. I had no idea there was this whole online book world I could visit and participate in. I can hardly believe that now, but it’s true. I also can’t believe I was nervous about writing to you, James! I’m not sure what I thought might happen. But you were so nice (and funny!). It was a great way to be introduced to the online book review world.

4) Do you have any advice for bloggers writing reviews?
I think, as with most things in life, when writing reviews bloggers would do well to observe the golden rule: “Treat others only in ways you’re willing to be treated in the same situation.” That’s not to say bloggers should only write good reviews, or be scared to offer criticism about a book, just that they should remember there is a tactful and not-so tactful way to say that you don’t like something. James does a great job of this, which is one of the reasons I love Book Chic so much! So I guess my other advice would be to read Book Chic for tips! Happy 2 year anniversary!! I look forward to many more!

About Book Chic

Book Chic is run mainly by a college male, along with two friends of his. The three of us love Young Adult and chicklit books, and want to spread the good word of these particular books through our site. We post interviews with authors, book reviews, guest blogs from various authors, and more. We reside around the Washington, DC area.


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