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 One Bashful Lady

Desmond Rawlington, Marquess of Dunsmore needed a Delacorte to get him closer to the king and bring him one step further to fulfilling his duty. Enter beautiful but painfully shy Lady Ainsley Delacorte who agrees to marry the dashing Marquess unknowingly entering a life of intrigue, lies and a plot to put Napoleon back in power. But his young wife is unaccustomed to the play and games of the ton and runs at the first provocation of trouble. Always hiding in the shadows but ever so observant Ainsley begins to fall in love with Desmond, unsuspecting his part in treason against their country until a note drops in her hands. Trying to believe in her husband, Ainsley can�t help but pause when the rumor of his mistress hits her clear in the face. If only Desmond will confide in her, Ainsley could live with the rumors. As Desmond grows fonder for his new wife he knows his enemies are at his back waiting for him to slip up. His late night meetings, his vile conduct in front of the Ton and the king is only a rouse. One day he will explain his actions, but all the while begging Ainsley to understand and forgive no questions asked. I found �One Bashful Lady� by Samhain romance author, Brenda Williamson was sensually provocative with its illustrious dance of intrigue, spies and lovers. In creating tangible characters this reader couldn�t put the book down. I found myself rooting for Ainsley to come out from behind the curtain and be the true beauty�inside and out�that she had always hid. I could relate to Ainsley, personally�even though I�m not as severely shy as she. I do suffer from anxiety and wondering if I�m saying the right thing. Ms. Williamson paired Desmond and Ainsley perfectly because the hero was able to bring out the heroines strong points and vice-versa. Instilling in the reader a sentimentality that touched the heart.
Brenda Williamson Read
 Deeper Than Desire

Deeper than Desire By Cheryl Holt St. Martins Books Historical Romance Reviewed by C.S. Morehouse Deeper than Desire by national award-winning erotic romance author, Cheryl Holt has a very special place in my heart. It was my very first erotic book I ever read and now I�m hooked. This story is a journey of a young woman trying to keep her family together�what little is left of it. Having been under the thumb of her wicked �and I mean W-I-C-K-E-D-stepmother since her father died, young beautiful Olivia Hopkins is forced to go to a country estate and beguile the aging Earl of Sainsbury One night, while everyone is sleeping Olivia slips into the earl�s library and finds an extraordinary volume of erotic paintings�A Feast for the Senses- and begins to peruse its contents. As she stares at the exotic and titillating pictures she becomes aware of a shadowy figure standing over her. She looks up to discover none other than the earl�s ravishing delicious bastard son, catching her in the act. Olivia�s senses on over load and ashamed of being caught she tries to get away, but not before the young rogue strikes a bargain. He�ll teacher every thing she longs for, for a price. She must return the next night so he can school her in the ways of passion. She refuses and runs out the door only to return the following night Phillip Paxton the bastard son of the Earl of Sainsbury was told to stay in the shadows while Olivia, her step-mother, step-sister and aunt our in attendance at the estate. Phillip is no stranger to hiding in the shadows. Use to being unexpected because of his birth Phillip heads his father�s warning until he spies the blonde headed beauty reading�of all things�erotica. In a split second a plan comes to action. He will seduce and school the fair lady and destroy his father at the same time. What Phillip and Olivia don�t expect is to find love in their affair. This story is heart wrenching at its core taking place in 1813 England where a woman had little choice than to marry if she wants to save her family. The intricate subplots between the characters were easily accessed and led the story flawlessly. I felt Phillips pain of being the bastard son of the earl who was always fighting for a place in the world. The way the father and son�s struggle was a pivotal point of the story. Phillips relationship with his father was secondary, but as time went on and he fell in love with Olivia, his wall for his father broke down, bit by bit. Ms. Holt does a fine job keeping the reader suspended on baited breath even if you can see what is coming around the bend. The sexual tension was hot and explosive and only added that much more to the story. The ending was spot on for this reader. I recommend giving Ms Holt a try. She never let�s a reader down or disappoints. Happy Reading!
Cheryl Holt Read
 Burning Wild

Burning Wild: Book 3 of the Leopard Series by Christine Feehan Paranormal Romance Jove Released April 2009 reviewed by C.S. Morehouse Bred by capricious parents for his innate leopard-shifting abilities, billionaire Jake Bannaconni has spent his life in an emotional vacuum--especially after a tragic twist of fate left him to raise his infant son alone. But when his path crosses that of an enigmatic young woman, Jake's life takes a detour he never fathomed. There is something irresistible about Emma Reynolds--something,Jake can't live without. Hiring her as his son's nanny will keep her close. And warm. And under watch. She's the first human to stir something inside of Jake, something that he's never felt before. But Emma may not be at all what she seems. And what's raging between them is pure animal instinct--out of control, burning wild and as hot as the lick of a flame Jake Bannaconni was made for a specific reason. When his parents discovered he was nothing more than a �rat" and not their perfect mutated shifter they abused him like no tomorrow. For years Jake planned his revenge with a single mindedness that won him the reputation of being cold, calculating and cunning. Along the way Jake has made some brutal "enemies" when he finds himself a single father. Having barricaded his heart from feeling anything Jake hasn't a clue how to raise a young son, let alone love him. The one sure thing he knows is that he can't let the baby fall in "enemy" hands. Jake lives with the pain of the abuse and is desperate--no matter the cost to keep his son safe. But to do that he must convince the irresistible Emma Reynolds to take the position of nanny. Jake Bannoconni is used to people falling at his feet to do his bidding, so getting Emma to comply should be a no brainer. And with a little persuasion he'll be able to trap Emma into seeing things his way. In a blink of an eye Emma Reynolds world changed. She went from happy newlywed to loosing everything. Widowed and three months pregnant she feels lost when Jake offers her a place in his life raising his child and running his home. For Emma it's a break from the pain and a chance to move forward. For Jake it's a way of keeping her close until he can finally make her his own. But enemies are around every corner and no matter how Jake tries to control their lives the enemy isn't far behind. Can Jake and Emma finally come to terms with the beast living inside of them long enough to see the other for who they truly are? In the end uniting as one to squash their collected predators is paramount if they are to save the family they both so desperately hungered for. Burning Wild was an extraordinary read. I've been a huge Christine Feehan fan from the start with her "Dark" series and sophomore into the "Drake Sister" series and "Ghost Walkers" series. Burning Wild is the third installment of the Leopard series. And I can tell you that Ms. Feehan didn't disappoint. When I picked up the book I honestly didn't know what to expect, since I haven't read the first two(but have them in my never ending Mt Everest of books) I found the characters exciting, invigorating and completely erotic. From the word go it was high octane at full throttle. Even though the story line of child abuse is a sensitive one, Ms. Feehan showed courage and compassion while developing her plot. The characters where extremely tangible that I felt I was in the thick with Emma and Jake. The only problem I have is, which one to read next,"The Awakening" or "Wild Rain". An ending note, "Burning Wild" is a must in your nightly reading pile.
Christine Feehan Read
 Be Mine Tonight
Series: The Brotherhood of the Blood

Be Mine Tonight By Kathryn Smith Reviewed by C.S. Morehouse The story is set in 1307 where we meet six Templar crusaders on an excursion for King Philip. Hoping to find the Holy Grail the band of brothers uncovers something more than just a treasure. Tintagel, Cornwall 1899 Having convinced her father to buy a parcel of land for the sole purpose to excavate, in hopes of finding the legendary Holy Grail. The cup is said to have healing powers and young Prudence Ryland is placing her survival on finding it. Diagnosed with a terminal disease; knowing any moment could be her last she implores Marcus Grey, an enthusiast of the Holy Grail lore to let her assist in the dig. This is Pru�s one chance to have the life she has always dreamed of, and nothing is going to get in her way. Even if it means thwarting a six hundred year old vampire set on her never discovering the grail or his secret. Having sacrificed himself to the church after turning, Temple is confused and frustrated at what he feels for the beautiful woman set before him. All his sense tells him to make her his for all eternity, but the memories of a lost love and the death of a beloved friend has him sinking deeper into guilt. Sent to overlook the expedition Temple finds he is inescapably drawn to her but fights his baser impulses and chastises himself for the evil monster he's become. He was sent to England with a mission: to retrieve the "Holy Grail", if indeed that is what they find. And if it is the "Blood Grail", which turned him and his five brothers into vampires, than he will destroy it before he lets Pru's lips drink from it. I admit it. I was hooked from the word go. I couldn�t help but be drawn in from the very first sentence. �It was obvious the door wasn�t meant to be open.� I don�t know about you ,but I'm to curious not to open a closed door and walk on in. And that�s exactly what I did. �Be Mine Tonight� is the first book in Kathryn Smith�s Brotherhood of Blood series. Like most readers, I thought, great another vampire story, but these guys aren�t your average vamps. Don�t get me wrong. Ms Smith gives all us vamp groupies what we know and have come to expect. We like our vampires tormented, dark and longing for their one true mate. And Ms Smith does it commendably. Take Temple, in "Be Mine Tonight". As the story progresses we come to learn who he actually was all those years back in 1307. By 1899 Temple isn�t just a vampire struggling with sun blisters or starving from blood deprivation. No, Temple has a human quality that exudes from the first page to the last. I love the rawness of Temple�s plight and fight to �do no harm to others� mantra. Prudence Ryland has her own struggles, death being the major one. Not to mention overprotective sisters and father that watch and wait to see when she'll take her last breath. What's a girl to do when all she wants is a little adventure? Oh yeah, a little immortality wouldn't hurt either. Prudence (Pru) wins your heart from the beginning. Of course we root for her to survive and constantly wonder why Temple won�t turn her. Temple�s struggle about turning Pru into a �monster like me� was heart endearing. You feel Temples overwhelming pain of wanting to heal her but not wanting her to suffer by either dying or turning her into a vampire. The conflict with in the couple of what was the right and wrong thing to do led me to read "Be Mine Tonight" in less than six hours. After, I was hooked. I couldn�t help myself and neither will you once you read it. Happy Reading!
Kathryn Smith Read
 Kiss of a Demon King
Series: Immortals after Dark

Kiss of A Demon king By Kresley Cole Pocket Book Paranormal Romance Reviewed by C.S. Morehouse �With me, nothing is as it seems. It�s usually much, much worse. And then�What do you mean I only get one epigraph? I get as many as I please. Only pre-eviscerated people have ever said things like that to me.� --Sabine of the Sorceri, Queen of Illusions, anointed princess of Rothkalina �The sorceress might be an evil bitch, but she�s my evil bitch. And I�ll have no other.� --Rydstrom Woede, fallen demon king of Rothkalina Kiss of a Demon King is the sixth installment in the Immortals After Dark Series by New York Times Bestselling author, Kresley Cole. Fallen demon king, Rydstrom Woede is known for his calm and steadfastness in the eye of a storm�completely unheard of in a Rage demon. But all is about to change. He�s found a way to get his throne and kingdom back from Omort the Deathless, a foe who could never be killed. Omort and his followers have desecrated Castle Torin and its heritage long enough and payback is about to be deadly. It�s said there is only one thing that will slay the immortal sorcerer. A sword made by Groot the Metallurgist-- enemy of his enemy and half brother to Omort-- guaranteed to kill the Deathless one. Rydstrom races at break neck speed-- purpose bound to make it to his brother to gather--a prize so rare -- is what the demon wants in exchange for the sword. But little does he know what awaits him on a dark desolate road. Sent by her half-brother, Omort the Deathless to capture Rydstrom, Sabine, Queen of Illusion has her own plans for the demon king. She�s plotted, waiting five hundred years to claim her king and nothing her sick sadistic brother wants or does will interfere with what she desires. She�s lived and died more times than she can count and no fallen demon king�no matter how devastating devilishly hot is going to get anything but her body Drawn to the strange beauty walking towards him, Rydstrom can�t help but be intrigued and follow. I mean geesh, he�s waited fifteen long lonely centuries for fate to send him his virtuous demoness queen who will stand beside as he rules over Rothkalina. Enough is enough. Plus how can any on blame Rydstrom for not resisting such a creature that begs and promises to fulfill all of his deepest darkest fantasies. Little does he know that before the night is over the Queen of Illusion wants more than his body but a vow that was predestined before time. But bigger troubles lay ahead that neither are aware of. Her brother plots to make Sabine his own queen, while The Vrekners hunt for her and her sister as payback for killing their leader. Also, Sabine is hiding a very dark and bitter secret that keeps her coming back to her hated brother needing more of what only he can provide. How can two wounded souls learn to trust each other when one doesn�t know how to tell the truth? And the other is driven on by a deep revenge that he can�t see what is so clearly fated for him in front of his own eyes. Ms. Cole�s eclectic take of the Underworld offers her readers a heart racing--grab you by the seat of your pants excitement and doesn�t let you up for breath until it�s rattled your very senses. She�s a master at weaving intricate details and human emotions making her characters so tangible that you long to be in the book racing against( and even getting caught) demons, werewolves, and vampires. She�s taken the Lore to an all new level of heighten anticipation. Readers if you looking for high octane-- fuel injected-- burn up the pages as you read than don�t miss out on the Kiss of a Demon King. Ms. Cole never fails to give her readers what they want, romance, intrigue, hot steamy love scenes and heart racing drama, that keeps you coming back for more. Happy Reading!
Kresley Cole Read
 Megan's Way

From the moment I received my copy of Megan's Way and read the back I was hooked. I'm known for being more of a romance reader-kind-of-girl but author Melissa Foster hooked me from the moment I read- What would you give up for the people you love?" In this heart wrenching debut the author hits us with one of lives most tragic events of a single mother dying with cervical cancer and the choices she makes. This isn't Megan's first time at the rodeo but it is her last. The character struggles with the ups and down of the disease that is wracking her desingrating body. Along the way her fourteen year old Olivia is living out her own drama of losing not only her mother but the one person she has depended upon all of her life. Also, her best friend comes into play and to fill in the role of surrogate mother as Megan slowly comes to terms with the choices she has made and knowing dieing is inevitable. Okay, I wasn't really sure what I would find between the pages of Megan's Way but what happened completely surprised me. I loved the fact that the author made me feel--I'm really big on feeling some kind of emotion as I read--a wide range of emotions from happy, sad, angry, and disappointed and yes somewhere in between I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. That's not saying that the characters were lack-lustered. the characters were enrich engrossing and compelled me to keep reading to see how this unique tale of a mother's love never dies even when the body is buried and gone. Ms. Foster took me on an endearing ride through a life of tragic and unspeakable challenge that if it where me I wouldn't and still can not answer the question-- What would you give up for the people you love? If I had to answer? My answer would be anything that would make them happy and more at peace with the fact I wasn't going to always be there. Reader my favorite part of the book had to do with Megan’s "sixth-sense" connection with her young daughter Olivia. I couldn’t help smile and compare how Megan had more than a “feeling” when Olivia was in trouble and needed her. As a mother of four teenage girls I was able to understand and feel not only Megan’s exasperation, but the undying love she has for her daughter. I highly recommend that you have a box or two of Kleenex handy because this is a tear jerker that is worth all the tears shed. Megan’s Way is beautifully written with heart-to-life characters that resonate long after you finish the book.
Melissa Foster Read

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