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In “The Vendetta” Michael Tyler has given us a front row seat into the world of cops, drugs and violence. In a rural North Carolina town Michael Griffin is a cop taking each day as it comes until a fellow cop and good friend’s death is ruled a suicide. Griffin knows without a doubt that it was murder and engages in a one man war against those responsible. Michael Tyler’s extensive experience in law enforcement and military gives him the ability to write with realism and accurately portray life on the streets. The interaction between the characters in the police squad is reminiscent of the members of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct. The language is rough, the violence is gory and the plot is tough and intricate…. just the way it is in real life. “The Vendetta” is everything a crime fiction novel should be and an impressive debut novel.

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 Midnight in Rome: A Wandering Mind in a City Eternal

By Mary Menzel: Millions of tourists visit Rome every year and go home feeling they have experienced this rich and historical society. They have… but only as a tourist. Michael Gyulai lived, worked and communed in the Eternal City on a daily basis as one of its citizens. Up until now I have always envision Rome as being strictly a historical place but reading “Midnight In Rome” made me realize there is a modern side to Rome as well.
Gyulai fluently paints a detailed picture of modern Roman society and culture with its industries, nightclubs and people. By including Italian phrases with delayed translations, Gyulai gets across the frustration of living in a town where your comprehension of the language is minimal. “Midnight In Rome” is also for the adventurer or the adventurer at heart. It is the adventure we all look forward to when we get out of school or as we look back on our youth, the adventure we wish we would have taken.

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 PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale

By Mary Menzel: This brilliant alteration of biblical accounts into a modernized tale of drugs, death and deception is not for the easily offended or faint of heart. With graphic scenes of violence, sex and torture Steven Rage has given us a view of Christ’s final days had he lived in our modern world. His unique cadence and elaborate descriptions vividly animates every aspect of his writing. Whether offended or captivated, whoever reads this book will not soon forget it.

Please visit for Steven Rage's profile, excerpts from PILATE, and our interview with Steven Rage.

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Midnight in Rome: A Wandering Mind in a City Eternal
PILATE: A Brutal Bible Tale
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