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 The Worst Thing

Bryan Bennett has a happy and successful life and his worst thing is something that he manages to put on a shelf a big percentage of the time. Bryan’s worst thing is panic attacks but he has learned to deal with them, at least in his opinion. Bryan works at Odysseus Institute where he specializes in issues relating to kidnapping and extortion. His panic attacks are a result of his abduction and imprisonment in a Turkish dungeon as a young boy. Bryan’s wife, Lori, loves to travel but Bryan is not comfortable when traveling unless he can manage to do so without getting on a plane. Enclosed places bring on his attacks and Xanax helps but the pills are a crutch and not a cure. When Bryan’s boss suggests that he make a trip to Iceland to teach a kidnapping seminar, Bryan senses Lori’s disappointment and decides that it is time to face his problems and allow Lori to enjoy an expense paid trip to Iceland. Lori is thrilled with the idea of the trip but insists that it is time that Bryan consults a professional regarding his fears. Bryan agrees and makes an appointment with Zeta Parkington, retired professor, whose specialty was anxiety disorders. Zeta met with Bryan and among other things told him that the only real cure for anxiety problems was to face the fear and conquer that fear. The time for facing his fear was not far away for Bryan The couple arrives in Iceland without a problem and are soon enjoying the trip. However, the fun is brought to a sudden halt when a group of radical citizen-soldiers executes a kidnapping attempt. The attempt goes wrong and Bryan winds up as a hostage. Now he has to face his old fears and conquer them in order to survive. “The Worst Thing” is a novel full of suspense and some surprises. This book gives the reader a real insight into the horrors of panic attacks and makes for excellent reading.
Aaron J. Elkins Read
 A Rush of Wings

Adrian Phoenix Unread
The Boy in the Suitcase

When Nina Borg, a nurse, agrees to do her friend Karin a favor and pick up a suitcase from a locker in the Copenhagen train station, she thought it would be a simple errand. The errand turned out to be far from simple and extremely dangerous. When Nina opened the suitcase, she found a small boy, naked and drugged. Should she call the police and turn the child over to the authorities? This is the question she kept asking herself but finally determined that the authorities might not do what was in the boy’s best interest. Meanwhile, the boy’s mother, Sigita was frantic. Sigita woke up in a hospital with no idea how she got there but is told that she was found in a drunken state after falling down the steps from her apartment. All Sigita knew was that she did not drink to excess, she has no memory of drinking or falling and her child, Mikas, is gone. A neighbor tells Sigita that the boy’s father had picked him up but when Sigita is finally able to reach Mikas’ father she finds that he knows nothing about where his son might be. Nina finally finds out where Karin is and goes to meet her. When Nina gets to the cabin where Karin is staying, she finds that Karin has been murdered. There is no clue as to the boy’s identity or why Karin asked Nina to pick up the suitcase. Nina is quick to realize that agreeing to do a favor for a friend has placed both her and the boy in danger. The story turns into a race against time with Nina trying to find any clue to help her identify the boy and return him to his family while ignoring her own husband and children who are concerned for Nina’s whereabouts. Sigita who has reported her child’s loss to the authorities goes about her own investigation into his disappearance and is doing everything she can think of to find her son even though she senses that time is running out. Sigita was forced to give up her first baby and now to think of losing her son is too horrible to imagine. The puzzle of why Mikas was abducted and the purpose behind the abduction is one that remains a secret until the surprise ending of this novel. Finally, it all comes together and makes for a very exciting book.
Agnete Friis Read
 Long Gone

Alice Humphrey’s chance meeting with Drew Campbell at first glance appears to be a lucky break. Alice is unemployed and Drew Campbell offers her a chance to run a gallery and be her own boss. Alice’s father is a famous Hollywood producer and Alice had starred in some roles as a child star. Alice harbors some bad feelings towards her father and this opportunity to do something exciting on her own without any help from her family is just too good to pass up. Alice took Drew up on his offer and opened the Highline Gallery. Drew’s story was that his client was willing to finance the gallery with the provision that Hans Schuler, an artist his client had an interest in, would have a private showing at the gallery. Schuler’s art was anything but normal but Alice felt that she would be able to pick the art shown at the gallery once she got Schuler’s show out of the way. Schuler’s art did sell but it was more from on line orders that walk in customers. The artist had a gimmick of sending a jump drive of his art with each purchase. Alice’s friend Lily at first thought Drew Campbell was just blowing smoke and would never rent the space for the gallery but later encouraged Alice to accept the position. Alice had just gotten the opening over with when suddenly the Highline Gallery is being picketed by a fanatic church organization. The church declared that the art displayed in the gallery was actually child pornography. Alice’s attempts to contact Drew Campbell or his investor were unsuccessful. Drew finally called Alice to meet him early in the morning at the gallery. Alice arrived at the gallery to find the door unlocked, the gallery empty and a dead body on the floor. Alice is interviewed by the police and she feels that the police aren’t buying her story. To make matters worse when the police search the gallery premises they find the fingerprint of a young girl who has been reported missing by her mother. As well as Alice’s story, Long Gone covers one police officer’s diligent search for the missing girl whose fingerprint is found in the gallery. An FBI agent discovers that he has a direct connection to the man who Alice knows as Drew Campbell. He feels Drew Campbell was responsible for the death of his sister. The police in charge of the murder investigation where Alice is a suspect feel they have found the guilty party and do not really want to investigate other options. Meanwhile Alice is frantic in her attempts to prove herself innocent. This book is like a giant jigsaw puzzle and the author brings the pieces together in a way that makes the reader want to turn the pages faster and faster to see where the next piece will fit.
Alafair Burke Read
 Forget to Remember

What would life be like if you had no identity? Imagine not having a social security number or a driver’s license or even knowing your own name. That situation is exactly what Carol Golden is facing once she has recovered from a violent attack. Rigo Rameriz is a young man who works as a dishwasher in a restaurant in the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California. When Rigo takes out the garbage to put in the dumpster behind the restaurant he discovers Carol unconscious in the dumpster and calls 911 for help. Carol is taken to the hospital where she recovers her health but not her memory. Rigo’s family opens their home to Carol who has taken the name Carol Golden. Rigo does his best to help Carol find her way back and discover her identity. With the help of Frances Moran, a genetic genealogist and an expert in DNA, Carol conducts a search but no one seems to be looking for her. The only clue Carol has is that she feels she has spent some time in England. Finally Frances receives an email from a probate attorney, Paul Vigiano, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The attorney stated that he had been checking Frances’ website on a regular basis and that he felt that Carol could possibly be the granddaughter of his client. The granddaughter, named Cynthia Sakai, had been missing for two years. The attorney must find Cynthia before time runs out. If Cynthia isn’t found her parents estate will be turned over to charity. After discussions between Frances and Vigiano, Frances contacts Cynthia’s grandmother who agrees to a DNA testing. Eventually Carol travels to North Carolina and meets the grandmother but things don’t go smoothly in North Carolina and Carol obtains the funds to travel and follow in Cynthia’s footsteps to see if she can discover what has happened to the girl. Carol proves to be very resourceful and has a lot of talent in many areas. To say more than this would give away the story but it is an exciting one and an excellent read. Will the person who has tried to kill Carol attempt it again? Who is this unknown person? Will Carol find out her true identity? Pick up a copy of Forget to Remember and find the answers to these questions.
Alan Cook Read
 The Lovely Bones

Alice Sebold Unread
 Pecos Valley Revival

Life is good for Annabelle Blue, resident of Rosedale, New Mexico. The only flaw in Annabelle’s life is her twelve-year-old brother, Jack, who can’t seem to stay out of trouble and tends to get on Annabelle’s nerves. Phil Gunderson, Annabelle’s beau, has never been attracted to anyone but Annabelle but that is all about to change. It is October 1923 and lots of excitement in Rosedale. The fall cattle drive is in full swing. The fall rodeo to be held at the Gunderson ranch is ready to get underway. The most exciting news to everyone but Annabelle is the tent revival led by Reverend Milo Strickland. Reverend Strickland is accompanied by his sister Esther. Esther has a beautiful singing voice and the looks of angel. All the men seem to be captivated by Esther including Phil Gundersen. Annabelle tries to keep her thoughts regarding Esther to herself and manages to enjoy the rodeo with her best friend, Myrtle Hall, and the rest of her family. Then tragedy strikes. Kenny Sawyer, one of the stars of the rodeo suddenly becomes ill and dies. Kenny’s is the first sudden death in Rosedale but not the last. Determined to figure out what is happening in her little town, Annabelle begins her own investigation and soon uncovers the murderer. The reader soon feels as though Annabelle is a close friend and understands her frustrations, aggravations and insecurities. Alice Duncan takes her readers, sets them down in the town of Rosedale, and makes the reader feel as though they reside in Rosedale, 1923.
Alice Faye Duncan Read
 Deadly Errors

A frantic call to 911, your friend or family member is rushed to the hospital, so you begin to feel relieved. At least your loved one will be in safe hands. But that is not necessarily so if the hospital is Maynard Medical Center in Seattle. Maynard is trying out a new program called Med-InDx electronic medical records.

When Dr. Tyler Mathews has a patient die he is sure that the computer program has a bug but no one wants to believe him. Dr. Mathews has one strike against him from an experience in California and he is not anxious to have another mark on his record but he is just too good a doctor to sit back and allow a serious error to occur and not bring the problem to light.

As Dr. Mathews begins his investigation he finds that other people at the hospital have experienced similar incidents where records were altered although he is told that is just not possible.

Now that Dr. Tyler Mathews future begins to look brighter than it has in a long time this problem is about to plunge him into a situation where his medical career, his wife and even his life are in danger.

Deadly Errors is a book filled with suspense that I am really glad I had the pleasure of reading.

Allen Wyler Read
 Dial Me for Murder

Pick up Dial Me For Murder and get lost in the fifties. Paige Turner is a reporter for Daring Detective Magazine in New York and life as a crime reporter is not easy for a woman in 1955. Yes, Paige does get her stories printed in Daring Detective but Paige also is in charge of making and hauling coffee to all of the male employees of Daring Detective. Paige was the name she was born with but when she married a man named Turner she officially became Paige Turner. As you can imagine she gets a lot of teasing about her name. When Paige sees a headline about a secretary found murdered she decides this is a case that she will definitely follow up on. The secretary was found in Central Park with her very expensive clothes nearby. Before Paige can delve too deeply into the story she receives a phone call from a woman named Sabrina Stanhope. Sabrina makes an appointment to have Paige visit her at her home. Sabrina fills Paige in on the murdered girls background. The victims name is Virginia Pratt and she is a secretary. Virginia was also a call girl for Sabrinas lucrative business. Sabrina requests that Paige investigate the murder but keep it off the record. Sabrina is not totally open with Paige, which leads to some problems. Sabrina gives Paine a list of a few men that she considers suspects in the murder. Paige manages to finally work out what actually happened to Virginia but not without many obstacles between the initial meeting with Sabrina and the final conclusion. Things werent as easy back in 1955 as today for many reasons. Trying to conduct an investigation in a pencil thin skirt with a kick-pleat in back and walking the streets in high heels was not the most comfortable way to go. Cabs were expensive and Paige didnt earn that much money. Amanda Matetsky has written a book that is really fun with a lot of interesting characters. This is the fifth Paige Turner mystery but the first for me but it wont be the last.
Amanda Matetsky Unread
 Drawn in Blood

Andrea Kane Unread

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