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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling


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Year: 1998
Series: Harry Potter
Rank: 20
This Week's Rank: 58
On 572 shelves
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User Reviews

Still very much a children's book at this stage.

Review By susanpenter

The second book in the series. Although things seem to progress, again the story has not fully developed.

Review By lostinthespiral

Lately all i have wanted to do was read it .If i have five miutes of spare time i will pull ti out and read!

Review By Jords

The books start to use more complex writing style which made this book more readable but left more to be desired.

Review By lennonlivesimagine

Reluctantly spending the summer with the Dursleys, his mean relatives who fear and detest magic, Harry is soon whisked away by his friends Ron, Fred, and George Weasley, who appear at his window in a flying Ford Anglia to take him away to enjoy the rest of the holidays with their very wizardly family. Things don't go as well, though, when the school term begins. Someone, or something, is (literally) petrifying Hogwarts' residents one by one and leaving threatening messages referring to a Chamber of Secrets and an heir of Slytherin. Somehow, Harry is often around when the attacks happen and he is soon suspected of being the perpetrator. The climax has Harry looking very much like Indiana Jones, battling a giant serpent in the depths of the awesome and terrible Chamber of Secrets. Along with most of the teachers and students introduced in the previous book, Draco Malfoy has returned for his second year and is more despicable than ever. The novel is marked throughout by the same sly and sophisticated humor found in the first book, along with inventive, new, matter-of-fact uses of magic that will once again have readers longing to emulate Harry and his wizard friends.


ita elementari

Review By Océane

Engaging. Not my favourite.

Review By tatabaanee


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