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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown


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Series: Robert Langdon
Rank: 10
This Week's Rank: 58
On 365 shelves
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The puzzles weren't challenging at all, everything was predictable - I was very disappointed.

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Review By shopsprom

Totally amateurish book lacking any literary merit. It seems that it was written specifically to appeal to the masses and become a bestseller. The research behind the book is pretty good, but the way it has been put together is horrendous.... definitely a waste of my time

Review By adarshbhat

Quelle drag. Such pitiful prose too.

Review By Janet S

I had hoped this would be an intellectully stimulating book that would generate a great conversation about history and modern perceptions. What I got was one of the most boring books I've read yet in my short life. The charcters are one-dimensional, resembling each other to the point I wonder if there was subplot about clones I missed somewhere. Dan Brown..I want the three hours of my life spent reading this book back.

Review By Wandersoul

Jesus had a wife ?!!

Review By Amit

With the kind of hype this book has generated and the fact that it has been on the national bestseller lists for three years running, I doubt much information is needed about the plot. As for my opinion, the book was extremely interesting and exciting but it felt longer than it was.

Review By Sidd

This is a good book.

Review By [email protected]


Review By link


Review By jijimj

The two find several puzzling codes at the murder scene, all of which form a treasure map to the fabled Holy Grail. As their search moves from France to England, Neveu and Langdon are confounded by two mysterious groups-the legendary Priory of Sion, a nearly 1,000-year-old secret society whose members have included Botticelli and Isaac Newton, and the conservative Catholic organization Opus Dei. Both have their own reasons for wanting to ensure that the Grail isn't found


kõik soovitavad

Review By jlahe777

A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ.

Review By trebled8


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