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Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones


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Year: 1986
Series: Howl's Castle
Rank: 149
This Week's Rank: 58
On 12 shelves
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This bok is the first 400+ book I read and I must say it is not what I expected when I first picked it was better! I first picked this book up because it is a movie made by Miazaki and while the movie is good it is nothing compared to the book. This book has mystery, witchcraft, intrigue, and several different identities. Sophie is the oldest of four and as the old tale goes she believes that the oldest is the one who will do the worst. However by the end of the book I believe she did the best! An old witch cursed Sophie into to looking like an old maid, so not wanting her step-mother to know she flees. Soon after she chooses to go after Howls moving castle and face him down and see if he cant remove the spell from her (though the spell causes her not to be able to talk about the spell). Howl however takes her on as his new cleaning lady and with the assitance of Howls apprentance she manages to make everything work. This is a FANTASTIC BOOK!!! You should definitely READ it!

Review By Wonderland


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