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Gayle Lynds


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Gayle Lynds is the author of The Coil, Masquerade, Mosaic, and Mesmerized, and co-creator with Robert Ludlum of the Covert-One series. She was born in Nebraska, raised in Iowa, and now lives in California where she is a full-time novelist.

A member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Lynds is famous for being a female bestselling novelist in the male-dominated genre of spy fiction. With David Morrell, she co-foundeded and is co-president of International Thriller Writers, Inc.

Lynds began her writing career as a reporter for the Arizona Republic, where her investigative reporting made such an impact that it led to changes in state legislation. Later, she was an editor with Top Secret security clearance at a government think tank. She was also editor of Santa Barbara magazine. Her fiction career began with literary short stories published under her own name and several pulp fiction novels under male pseudonyms. She also wrote three mystery novels for boys in The Three Investigators series.

The Coil was a 2004 BookPage "Notable Title" and won the Affaire de Coeur reader poll for best contemporary novel. Mosaic was named thriller of the year by Romantic Times magazine. Mesmerized was a finalist for the 2002 Daphne Du Maurier Award.

Her next novel, The Last Spymaster, is out now and has received rave reviews.

Books by Gayle Lynds

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Non-Series Books

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
  The Last Spymaster
  The Coil
  The Book of Spies

Covert One

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
4 The Altman Code
2003Robert Ludlum
3 The Paris Option
2002Robert Ludlum
1 The Hades Factor
2000Robert Ludlum

Three Investigators - Crimebusters

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
7 Reel Trouble
  Fatal Error
  Rough Stuff
  High Strung


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