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J R R Tolkien


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Books by J R R Tolkien

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Non-Series Books

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
  2009 Tolkien Wall Calendar
  2009 Transformers Animated Wall Calendar
  2012 Tolkien Wall Calendar
  Beowulf and the Critics
  Book Of Lost Tales Part 2
  Die Geschichte der Kinder Hurins
  Essential Tolkien: The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring
  Farmer Giles of Ham
  Farmer Giles of Ham: 50th Anniversary Edition
  Father Christmas Letters
  Feanors Fluch
  History of The Lord of the Rings
  Hobbit: Or There And Back Again
  J. R. R. Tolkien Audio CD Collection
  J.R.R. Tolkien
  La Silmarillon
  Lord of the Rings: The Complete Trilogy
  Mr. Bliss
  Narn I Chin Hurin: The Tale of the Children of Hurin
  Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
  Smith Of Wootton Major: And Farmer Giles Of Ham
  Tales from the Perilous Realm
  The Children of Hurin
  The Children of Hurin: Deluxe Edition
  The Histories of Middle-earth Box Set
  The Hobbit
  THE HOBBIT - or There and Back Again
  The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Boxed Set
  The Hobbit: 60th Illustrated Anniversary Edition
  The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic
  The J.R.R. Tolkien Collection
  The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun
  The Lord of the Rings / the Hobbit: Box Set
  The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Box Set
  The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set
  The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Vol 1
  The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Vol 3
  The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Vol 2
  The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays
  The Return of the Shadow: History of the Lord of the Rings #1
  The Silmarillion: Boxed Set
  The Treason of Isengard: History of the Lord of the Rings #2
  Tolkien Calendar 2010
  Tolkien Calendar 2011
  Tolkien Reader
  Tolkien's World : Paintings of Middle-Earth
  Tree and Leaf
  Unfinished Tales Of Numenor And Middle-Earth

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
3 El Seņor de los Anillos III: El retorno del rey
3 The Fellowship of the Ring: Being the First Part of The Lord of the Rings
3 The Lord of the Rings
Rick Priestly 
3 The Return Of The King
2 El Senor de Los Anillos II: Las dos torres
2 J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit and the Complete Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King/Boxed Set
2 The Two Towers
1 El Seņor de Los Anillos I: La comunidad del Anillo
1 The Fellowship Of The Ring

History of Middle Earth

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
5 Lost Road And Other Writings: The History Of Middle-Earth 5
4 Shaping Of Middle-Earth: The Quenta, The Ambarkanta, And The Annals
3 Lays Of Beleriand
2 Book Of Lost Tales Part 1

History of Middle-Earth

CoverTitle - DescYearCoauthorsFavOwnWant
4 The Shaping of Middle-Earth
1 The Book of Lost Tales 1


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